Frequently Asked Questions

Got some confusions?  Here are some quick answers.

I am having trouble signing in/creating account(In App), what should I do?

In this case, please check your internet connection connection and try again. If still not working please get in touch with the support team at: [email protected] or call/whatsapp: +91-70852-38085 / +91-93621-26901 / +91-93621-26903 

What is the guarantee I will become fluent?

TalkEng provides a 100% moneyback guarantee to make you fluent in 6 months if you practice everyday. Offer applicable only for Video plans.

How many classes can a learner attend in a single day?

As a learner, you have the full freedom to attend a many classes you want. There is no minimum or maximum limit per day.

How long would it take me to become fluent in english?

To become fluent in English with TalkEng it may take upto 6 months depending upon your current level of fluency. There are generelly 3 levels.

What are the class timings?

The class timings are fully flexible and can be booked anytime.

How long are each of the classes?

Each class is of 20 mins but may be extended by the tutor.

Where is the headquarter of TalkEng located?

TalkEng is primarily based out of Pune, India and have branch offices in Agartala, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Is there a curriculum for the classes?

Yes, all the classes are conducted following a personalised and decentralised curriculum.

Can I use TalkEng on my iPhone or on my web browser?

The iOS & Web version of TalkEng is yet not launched but is currently in the works to be launched in a few months. As of now, you can use TalkEng on your Android smartphone or tablet.

What is this app about?

TalkEng is an online spoken English learning app where anyone can attend live 1-ON-1 video/voice classes with expert tutors everyday starting just ₹385.

How to get a discount on the plans?

All the TalkEng subscription plans get a base discount but if you have a promo- code, you can apply that promo-code during purchase to get additional discounts.

How is the quality of the classes assured?

After the end of every class, both you and the tutor are required to provide feedback on the class. And you will also get a feedback call from TalkEng where your feedback is recorded for any necessary changes to improve the overall learning experience.

How long does it usually takes to get a response on a tutor's application?

Normally, you may get a response within 3-5 business days but under extreme circumstances, it can take upto 7-10 business days.

What benefit will I get as a tutor at TalkEng?

As a tutor at TalkEng you will have the flexibity to work from anywhere and anytime through the app and earn a good sum of money.

How to get your tutors profile approved?

Once you successfully create your tutor's profile, share a 2 mins intro video in the whatsapp no. +91-7085-23-8085. Upon evaluation, you will be contacted by TalkEng Tutor Evaluation Team regarding the next steps to get your profile approved.

Are working hours flexible for tutor?

Yes, your working timings are fully flexible and can be changed anytime.

How much can I earn as a tutor on TalkEng?

Depending upon the number of classes you conduct everyday, you can earn upto ₹1,00,000/month.

How many classes can a tutor conduct in a single day?

1 class per 30 minutes without limits on the number of classes each day.

TalkEng is the best platform to become fluent in English. Join live 1-ON-1 video/voice classes with expert tutors or guided group discussion for free. This helps you become fluent in english as well as boost your confidence as easily as you learned your mother tongue. LEARNING ENGLISH HAS NEVER BEEN EASIER.

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