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English for Academic Success

What you will learn in this course

Session 1:  Introduction & The Four Dimensions of Human Being (4D)

Session 2:   Elaborate discussion on body language

Session 3:  Introduction and opening up.

Session 4:   Formal Introduction on Voice and Accent

Session 5:  Introduction to what a GD is, Rules to follow in GD sessions, Preparation & Presentation, Greetings & Introducing yourself at a session

Session 6:   Who Am I? (Personality to Individuality)

Session 7:  speaking English as a native speaker

Session 8:   Eye contacts and facial expressions

Session 9:  Introduce yourself & give a short & apt talk on the given topic on Current Affairs.

Session 10:   Q_AL_TY ED_CAT_ON

Session 11:  Pronunciation and modulation

Session 12:   Pronunciation of words

Session 13:  Perception & Listening

Session 14:   Positive thinking and how to effectively practice it in day to day life

Session 15:  English Practice and Accent and its usage

Session 16:   Environment...issues, solutions, sustainability, adapting & co-existence

Session 17:  Life Skills

Session 18:   Removing mother tongue influence

Session 19:  Pitch

Session 20:   Believing & Knowing (The Difference)

Session 21:  Creative Expression Topics like Art, Music etc

Session 22:   Grammar 1

Session 23:  Practising Silence in Communication & Feedback

Session 24:   Using body language in public speaking

Session 25:  Grammar 2

Session 26:   Attitude (Aggressive/Assertive/Submissive)

Session 27:  Education & Learning

Session 28:   Communication (Listening, Public Speaking & Presentation)

Session 29:  Grammar 3

Session 30:   Speed

Session 31:  Dealing with Difficult People & Transactional Analysis (Communication)

Session 32:   Basic etiquette and manners

Session 33:  Three forms of Verbs

Session 34:   Expression of Feelings (Being Creative)

Session 35:  Technology & Innovation

Session 36:   Listening skills and observation

Session 37:  Self Control/Will Power & Awareness

Session 38:   Practice using tongue

Session 39:  Business English and soft skills

Session 40:   Self awareness and managing emotions

Session 41:   Are you part of the Problem or Solution? (Winners are Loosers / Loosers are Winners)

Session 42:  Businesses, Entrepreneurships, Philanthropy, Economy

Session 43:   Travel English

Session 44:  Ego & Self-esteem (inter- personal communication)

Session 45:   Voice Modulation

Session 46:  Practicing with peers and and home study

Session 47:   Public Speaking & Body Language & Power Dressing

Session 48:  Dealing with stress management

Session 49:   Ethics, Morals, Laws, Awareness

Session 50:  1 to 1 Coversation with trainer with feedback

Session 51:   Emotional Intelligence & Confidence (Mind & Brain & BodyMind)

Session 52:  Getting rid of existing accent , Tips and Tricks

Session 53:   Self Evaluation (Questionnaire) & Question / Answer

Session 54:  1 to 1 Conversation with trainer with feedback

Session 55:   Personality Development, Skills, Addressing Emotional Issues at home & work

Session 56:  Education to Meditation (Stress Management) Professional/Spiritual

Session 57:   Group Communication

Session 58:  Self Reflection & Relationships

Session 59:   Table etiquette, Importance of smiling face

Session 60:  SWOT Analysis & Life is a Journey (Somebody to Nobody)

Certificate on Completion

Note: This is a Sample Certificate which student will get after course completion.